We love Dr Michelle My 3 kids and I go to her bi-weekly for adjustments. As a functional medicine doc, she helped me come off of antidepressants which I am forever grateful for. On the very first day I visited her for pelvic symphonis (spelling), she fixed it. She popped something back into place after other professionals had missed it and she had my trust from that moment forward. She’s a very intuitive practioner. We highly recommend her but I also kind of want to keep her a secret!

Katharine G.

I could not recommend Dr. Michelle enough. I have been her patient for over 2 years and she has helped me so much! I see her as a chiropractor and as a functional medicine doctor and her practice has improved my health immensely. She is also very personable and goes out of her way to make you feel like family. If you are looking for a chiropractor or a functional medicine doctor, she is the best in the area!

Haley B.

Dr. Michelle has been extremely helpful in restoring my overall health and well being. She has helped with chiropractic issues and my breathing issues. She is always willing to listen and give suggestions on all health and wellness goals. Highly recommend!

Kurt A.

I can’t say enough positive things regarding the care and help Dr. Michelle has given me. She is always committed to helping people through their health issues with her chiropractic and functional meds knowledge. She is so kind and always available for advice. I highly recommend her!!

Carole E.

Michelle is THE BEST, she knows what she is doing, she truly cares about my health and she goes the extra mile. I love to go see her not just because she helps me feel better but she has become a wonderful friend that I trust and feel comfortable enough to truly share life with. She’s awesome!!!

Tane S.

I first came to Dr. Michelle’s practice years ago when I had a back injury. She helped restore me to health. In the time since, I have come to the realization that this is because she treats the whole patient. She is fantastic! I continue coming to her to this day due to the commitment that she has to each and every one of her patients and their journey to wellness. I am much healthier than I was prior to her treatments. She is a wise, kind, and professional practitioner. She listens to her patients and advises them on best practice. The techniques she uses in her functional medicine practice truly help and heal. I strongly recommend her to anyone seeking health maintenance or improvement. She is the best!

Dea W.

There are’t enough stars to give. I have Crohn’s and was on the verge of taking a drug with potential harmful side effects when my sister convinced me to see Dr. Michelle. She has done more for me through chiropractic care and nutrition/wellness than the 5 gastro doctors combined. If we could see Dr. Michelle for everything, we would!

William H.

The absolute very best in the business!! Very knowledgeable and keeps a calming environment. I feel like I'm in a spa when I'm getting my adjustment. Look forward for Dr. Fehmel to also treat my grandbaby coming soon!!

Wes P.

Dr. Michelle is an amazing. She gotten me back to walking normal again. She has the best personality and greatest knowledge of natural cures.

Libby I.

Dr. Michelle is absolutely wonderful with the overall wellness and care for my family. We love her!!!

Kay F.

Outstanding chiropractic care...and so much beyond! Dr. Michelle has been incredibly effective - with her down to earth, real-world and holistic care. Several issues have been remedied through her approach that things are interconnected in our body. She is deeply committed to my care and my healing. And seeing fellow-business members in her office-we are all connected to the best care. She is a treasure of practical wellness information/care. I am truly amazed at her successes with me!

Jay K.

Dr Michelle is a wonderful healthcare provider and I have been so appreciative of her holistic approach to the overall well being of my entire family. From chronic pain to sinus and ear infections, she is my go-to for feeling my best! She also cared for me throughout my pregnancy and kept me feeling as great as I could throughout the aches, pains, and sleepless nights. I can not recommend her enough!

Haley A.

Every now and then you find someone that can dramatically change the way you see yourself and the world. Dr. Michelle is one of those people. She respected my current health circumstances while inviting and guiding me to a greater potential, I did not know was possible. Her nurturing hands, unlocked a lifetime of tension, and her in-depth knowledge of nutrition and supplements provided an aperture for real change. If you want to live a long, healthy life, contact Dr. Michelle immediately!! You won’t regret it.

Lara M.

In a world full of conflicting information and uncertain diagnosis, it is hard to find holistic support and practitioners that believe in healing the root cause of dis-ease showing up in the body. Dr Michelle is that rare gem. Her approach is both intuitive and deeply grounded. Her ability to listen to my experience, understand the feedback my body was communicating and match it with the knowledge, adjustments, remedies and steps towards healing is simply amazing.

Christy C.

After suffering from chronic neck and low back pain for over 20 years, I'd almost given up hope of ever having relief. Thankfully, I found Dr. Michelle. She took the time to really listen to me and performed a comprehensive exam before recommending a course of treatment. Under her care, I was finally able to improve and am now almost completely asymptomatic. She's the BEST! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Jennifer M.
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