About Us


In our office, education is paramount. We have found that when a patient fully understands what’s going on with them, they heal much faster.

“The next major advance in the health of the American people will be determined by what the individual is willing to do for himself.” – John Knowles

” I want to give hope to patients and inspire them to commit to better lifestyle choices. This includes educating them about the powerful nervous system, giving nutritional advice – imperative to changing many physical and emotional conditions that patients face, exercising regularly and every day toxin avoidance and removal. Address these essentials by making small daily changes, and watch your health transform. I can honestly say I would not tell a patient to do something that I am not already doing myself. These lifestyle changes are tried and true. “

Evaluating Your Function for Better Living

You may feel fine, but are you functioning at your best? We now know that the mere absence of symptoms does not mean you are healthy. Typically, by the time we feel pain and symptoms, like a headache, the problem has been underlying for a long time. Health, therefore, is better defined as the body’s ability to function, adapt, and respond properly to its environment.

Partnering With You

Whether it’s with Chiropractic or Functional Medicine, it is important to understand that the road to health often takes time. Most Chiropractic patient’s choose to continue through three phases of care; relief, corrective, and maintenance care. And in Functional Medicine, we will similarly begin by tackling the most overt symptoms, and then moving to a stable place of prevention and sustainable wellness – it is here, that we are preventing problems before they happen. This is the goal for every patient.

“When a patient begins care in my office, I essentially become their health coach, as well as their doctor. I am extremely invested in their success.”