Pediatric Care

Starting Earlier for Elevated Benefits

In addition to seeing adults, Dr. Michelle also sees and helps the little ones.

Pediatric Conditions We Treat

The earlier you start your child on chiropractic care, the more likely they are to develop optimally and prevent common problems from occurring. Taking care of the spine and nervous system with regular checks is similar to having regular dental checks for good oral health.

​Just as you can have a cavity and not know it, you can have a subluxation in your body that compromises your nervous system without realizing it. By getting checked continually, we can find and correct subluxations early, avoiding symptoms that often occur from months, years, and decades of neglect in adults.

The benefits our pediatric practice members enjoy stem from having their spine and nervous system in top shape.

Some of our pediatric practice members have sought our help with particular conditions, such as:

Colic and reflux
Ear infections

Ensuring Your Child’s Safety and Comfort

Dr. Fehmel has extensive experience in providing safe pediatric chiropractic care. She understands that their needs are different from those of an adult. When we adjust a child, we use the amount of pressure you’d need to check the ripeness of a tomato. We also offer low-force techniques such as instrument-assisted Activator Methods® and use a drop table for gentle care.

Often, children don’t know they’re being adjusted, as Dr. Michelle can adapt her care to their situation — for example, sometimes they’re sleeping when they arrive, and continue to snooze through their adjustment.

​We do everything possible to make care affordable not just for individuals, but for entire families. See what our advanced approach can do for your child.