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The First Visit

The cost for your Initial 90 minute appointment is $250. This includes a thorough review of your online questionnaire, any relevant labs and/or medical records, and careful customization of your nutritional/dietary/and lifestyle protocol.

Additional advanced labs may be recommended at this time, and the pricing will be gone over with the patient prior to ordering them. These tests are not covered by insurance, and typically range from $400-$1500, depending on the complexity of your case.

With a patient-centered focus, we strive to use the latest cutting edge lab testing to differentiate the root cause of your illness.

Frequently ordered labs include:

  • Labcorp: traditional and advanced lab testing for comprehensive whole body profile, including extensive thyroid panels.
  • Genova NutraEval: Complete nutrient and mineral deficiency profiles that fine tune your exact supplemental needs.
  • Genova GI Effects: Comprehensive Stool analysis evaluates gut health and the microbiome; the presence of yeast, parasites, pathogens, markers of inflammation, digestive enzymes, and a number of other markers.
  • Dutch Hormone Testing– Dried Urine and Saliva Home Test to evaluate stress and sex hormones.
  • Vibrant Wellness Food Sensitivities/Leaky Gut/Heavy Metal/Mold/Advanced Viral (i.e.. Lyme’s, etc.)

Frequency of Follow Up Visits

Follow up visits are usually 60 minutes, depending on the needs of the patient, and are timed about 2 weeks-30 days from your initial for the first 3 months. After 3 months of care, the doctor will reassess your frequency.
60 minute follow up appointment cost -$125
30 minute follow up appointment cost – $75​


Professional-grade products will be provided for you in the office, as well as, from Dr. Fehmel’s online dispensary, which will come to you in an email from the doctor.

Buy Supplements Here:

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I look forward to helping you on your helping you on your healing journey. – Dr. Michelle