Spinal Exercises

Spinal Rehabilitation Exercises

The Science Makes the Difference

Our state-of-the-art rehabilitation program is designed to achieve very rapid changes; not only in your posture, but also in your overall health.

– Dr. Burl Pettibon, the scientist behind these exercises, says it best:
“Optimal health is a journey, Not a destination. Becoming healthy and staying healthy is a choice. This program is about choosing to be healthy and functioning at 100% for the rest of your life.”

The Exercises

These exercises only take a few minutes in our office and are proven to improve posture, reduce pain and stress, increase flexibility, as well as hydrate and re-nourish the inter-vertebral discs of the spine. Home care kits of the exercises taught in the office are available to patients, so they can get results as quickly as possible.

Standing Cervical Traction

Our patients warm up with this exercise to reduce stress, increase flexibility, and hydrate and re-nourish the inter-vertebral discs. Just make sure you are well hydrated to achieve maximal benefit!

  • Reduces stress in the neck and upper back
  • Assists in the healing of disc bulges and disc tears
  • Re-hydrates cervical discs, keeping them young, strong, and healthy
  • Helps restore the normal cervical curve, known as “The Arc of Life,” to neurologists.
  • Warms up the cervical and thoracic discs prior to adjustment so you can reshape your spine more easily

The Wobble Cushion

Our patients warm up with this exercise for the low back while waiting to be seen by the doctor.

  • Reduces stress in the low back
  • Assists in healing of disc bulges and disc tears
  • Rehydrates and nourishes the lumbar discs, keeping them young, strong and healthy
  • Stimulates reflexes to correct posture
  • Enhances oxygenation of blood
  • Warms up the lumbar discs prior to the adjustment so that you can reshape your spine more easily.

Head and Shoulder Weighting

Our specialized weighting system is used in conjunction with our vibration platform to achieve optimal spinal corrective results, quickly! This exercise is performed for 5 minutes after the adjustment to strengthen and re-educate postural muscles, and HOLD and STABILIZE your correction longer.

  • Corrects forward head posture, uneven shoulders, and hips, by working with the body’s own righting reflex
  • Relieves tension in the spinal cord
  • Promotes tissue oxygenation by increasing lung capacity
  • Relieves pressure and stress on degenerative discs so they can rehydrate

​When worn immediately after the adjustment or at home after the cervical traction/wobble chair, the weighting system will help you hold your adjustment longer, accelerate your results, and create a more permanent correction.


This tremendously beneficial exercise sends vertical vibrations at a very specific frequency (Hz) that has been studied, and proven to increase HGH (human growth hormone) in the body naturally! Increased HGH helps regenerate damaged bone, muscle and tissue cells to maintain overall body health.

  • Picture
  • Reduces joint pain and stress
  • Increases circulation
  • Increased flexibility and range of motion
  • Faster healing
  • Improved balance, and strengthening of postural muscles
  • More energy